An interview with… Michael Highway

How was your weekend? Let’s kick-start the week with another Changeling interview. This time, artist Michael Highway.

Emmy: Hello! Tell our readers a little about yourself.

Michael: I am Michael Highway, a Toronto-based illustrator. Most of my works are digital, composed of various colour blocks and few lines, and often inspired by verse fragmentation thoughts from dreams.

Emmy: What inspired you to begin creating art?

Michael: I found a dream core in my nightmares, now I am using this crystal to look around.

Emmy: Where is your favourite place to create?

Michael: My bed.

Emmy: What were your special interests as a child?

Michael: Hide and seek in liminal space.

Emmy: What is your favourite thing about creating art?

Michael: To capture things that soft but sad and sweet moments.

Dream Emmy: Do you think the kitten will miss the bus?

Michael: As long as don’t slip, would never will!

You can find Michael @michighway on Instagram and his website

Changeling Annual 2023 will be published in Spring — keep an eye out for updates by following our Instagram.

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