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  • An interview with… PJ

    An interview with… PJ

    Hello, hello! We’re back starting the week with another of our wonderful Changeling comic artists, PJ! Emmy: Hello! What is your name, where are you based in the world, and what is your artistic practice? PJ: Hi! I’m PJ, and I’m a Leeds based art gremlin. Guess that answers all 3 questions huh? Specifically I’d…

  • An interview with… Athena Scott

    An interview with… Athena Scott

    Did you have a good Neurodiversity Celebration Week? To round off the celebrations we have an interview with the artist and poet, Athena Scott! Emmy: Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself. Athena: I’m Athena Scott, I live in Louisiana in the USA, and I am a storyteller/writer/artist! Emmy: What inspired your Changeling poem, “Swinging”?…

  • An interview with… Rochelle Asquith

    An interview with… Rochelle Asquith

    It’s that Monday feeling… the joy of another Changeling interview! This time, let’s sit down with artist Rochelle Asquith. Emmy: Hello! Tell us a little about yourself. Rochelle: I’m Rochelle Asquith, based in West Yorkshire, and I draw, make comics, and sculptures. Emmy: What inspired your Changeling comic, “Old Lady Troubles”? Rochelle: With this particular…