What is the Changeling Annual?

Changeling Annual is an upcoming publication for children ages 8-12. It aims to feature art, writing and activities produced entirely by (grown-up) neurodivergent creatives.

Changeling came to life in 2022, created by autistic children’s writer and poet Emmy Clarke, as part of Contact Theatre’s Future Fires scheme.

Submissions for Changeling Annual are currently closed. Check back next Autumn for our next submission window.

For more information on what we are looking to publish, please visit the submissions page or enter your email below to subscribe to our mailing list.

If you require any of the information on this website in a different format, for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact emmy@changelingannual.com

Why “Changeling”?

In European folklore, changelings were believed to be fairy children left in place of human children. Being not of the human realm, changelings often portrayed “untypical” behaviours that are — in modern day — instantly familiar to many neurodivergents.

Here at Changeling, we want to reclaim the word changeling. Yes, we are untypical — and that is brilliant!

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To support Changeling, consider sending us a Ko-fi. We are fully funded for the 2022-2023 run of Changeling Annual. Therefore, all money donated through Ko-fi will be funnelled directly into the production of future Changeling Annuals.

All Ko-fi supporters between now and January 2023 will be credited in the “Thank Yous” page of Changeling Annual 2023.

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